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Have a Cheezy Cinco de Mayo

cheese fondue
Fill your chocolate fountain with cheese fondue for a special Cinco de Mayo.


Chocolate fountains aren't just for chocolate fondue. Commercial chocolate fountains like The American Chocolate Fountain can be filled with anything that flows with the consistency of fondue.

For a quick, easy Cinco de Mayo food display sure to please your guests, start with a commercial nacho cheese sauce (sold commercially by most local food distributors). Heat your cheese sauce in the microwave until it is liquefied then add to your chocolate fountain.

Use small amounts of vegetable oil if necessary to thin the nacho cheese to a flowing consistency. Take care to add any oil sparingly (you can always add more, but once added you can't take it out). In most cases commercial cheese nacho sauce is going to flow without additional oil if heated to the right flowing consistency.
The American Chocolate Fountain is capable of using thicker fondues than most commercial fountains due to the engineering of the bowl and auger.

For theme cheese fondue dipping try:

  • Whole sweet banana and hot jalapeno peppers
  • Fresh tortilla chips
  • Cubed bread
  • Bread or pretzel sticks
  • Mini meatballs

Have a happy Cinco de Mayo

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