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Chocolate Chat

Eat, Drink and savor all things chocolate

Chocolate is in a renaissance
Find the latest chocolate news, tips, recipes, history and thoughts on what Cortez declared, "The divine drink which builds up resistance & fights fatigue".


Chocolate & Chalk Art Festival

12th Annual Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest & Chocolate Sampling
Raffle • Musicians • Entertainment
Saturday May 26, 2007• 10-5 PM

Visit the site of Chocolate & Chalk Art Festival for more information.

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Chocolate Caramel Pecan Cake

Pecans and Chocolate have always complemented each other when it comes to desserts, so be sure to try this delicious cake recipe for your next occasion.

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Bellagio Sipping Chocolate Martini

Here's a new recipe for Bellagio Sipping Chocolate from Imbible magazine that is perfect for party occasions.

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Cocoa Improves Brain Function

cbrainWe all know dark chocolate has been all the buzz since last year, but more and more positive qualities are being noticed.

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Valentine's Coffee Chocolate Heart Cake

Still need an idea on what to give a loved one this Valentine's day? Make this delicious recipe and you'll be a guaranteed winner!

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Mini American Chocolate Fountain

Our latest addition to our successful line of chocolate fountains is the Mini American Chocolate Fountain, which features a unique way of operating.

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Rancilio Epoca ST

We are now selling the Rancilio Epoca ST on our Buffet Enhancements Catalog. It's the ideal coffee machine for caterers and party rentals, which serve cappuccino, latte, espresso, as well as other types of coffee drinks.

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Chocolate Fountain Shapes! Continued

new fountain 2 In the last post I talked about how our chocolate fountains can do shapes with the free positioning of the tiers. Today I will tell you how we have done the one in the picture to the left.

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Chocolate Fountain Shapes!

new fountainCan your chocolate fountain do shapes? With our new technology for our chocolate fountains, you can now place your tiers anywhere to make all sorts of shapes. Endless possibilities.

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Chocolate Fantasy Cookies

Here is a recipe for some "melt in your mouth" cookies.

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Carolina Chocolate Festival

This, one of the many chocolate festivals going on this month, is going to take place in Moorhead City, NC. This festival lasts through Feb 2nd though 4th, and all the proceeds are donated to Ginger's House and other local charities.

=> Read more!

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