the american chocolate fountain® instructions for chocolate fountain operation

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Chocolate Fountain Set Up

Instructions for The American Chocolate Fountain®

Part 1: Setting up your American Chocolate Fountain® - Download PDF
Part 2: Preparing chocolate fondue with microwave - Download PDF

Part 3: Loading Chocolate Fountain with pre-melted chocolate - PDF version

Part 4: Storing The American Chocolate Fountain®

Product Instructions for The American Chocolate Fountain® are also available for download as a PDF file HERE.
chocolate fountain basesetup a chocolate fountainSet the chocolate fountain base on a sturdy, level surface to begin. Starting off with a sturdy level surface will ensure proper operation of the chocolate fondue fountain. Uneven sheeting of chocolate over the fountain tiers is usually the result of the chocolate fountain not standing level or that the chocolate fondue is too thick.

assembling chocolate fountainchocolate fountain instructionsPick up the main column and tier assembly and line up the 4 receiving tubes at the bottom of the column with the 4 pegs in the bowl portion of the fountain base. (You can assemble the main column with the tiers in place, or wait until the column is on the fountain to add the tiers.)

maintain your chocolate fountainThe fit is snug when seating the pegs into the receiving tubes at the bottom of the tier column. Once you have lined them up, slowly work the column down until it is securely attached to the base.

chocolate fountain instructionsOnce column is in place, roll the first o-ring to the bottom tier position. Place the tier on top of the o-ring and repeat process from the bottom up until all tiers are in place.

chocolate fountain instructionsWith our NEW adjustable tier system, any number of tiers can be placed in various positions along the column. Check out our Chocolate Fountain Shapes.

chocolate fountain instructionsAfter the base and tiers are attached, insert the stainless steel auger. Be sure the auger is inserted into the main column with the slot in the center of the auger bar pointed down. After inserting the auger into the column, give a slight turn to the auger until you feel the slot at the auger bottom lock into the auger drive key in the center of the bowl base. Finish the fountain assembly by placing the crown on the top of the main column.

chocolate fountain temperature settinglevel your chocolate fountainWith the fountain fully assembled and level, it's time to get warmed up. Set the temperature control for 250 degrees while you prepare to melt your chocolate.

attach the chocolate fountain columnFor a quick and easy setup, we suggest melting our chocolate fountain chocolate in the microwave according to the directions on the package. Our Chocolate Fountain Chocolate does not require the addition of oil.

Chocolate chips or callets can be added directly to the pan in the fountain base and heated until melted. After your chocolate is melted, reduce heat to 175-180°.

If you are using a chocolate that does requires the addition of oil, please see "preparing chocolate fondue with microwave".

Next - Part 2: Preparing chocolate fondue with microwave
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